24th of May 2021 – 3th of June 2021

Our time at Kilchoan was excellent and was made possible by Jon, Melissa and the rest of the Kilchoan team who were very friendly and welcoming. The Guest House was well stocked throughout our stay by the caretakers, which felt extremely luxurious!  Aidan and Jess were very accommodating, taking great care to make sure we were always comfortable.  We were delighted to be invited to dinner in their garden where we enjoyed Aidan’s delicious homemade pizzas and great company.

It was great to experience the work involved in marine restoration and rewilding with Marnik, the Marine Rewilding Officer. Marnik explained all aspects of the projects in great detail and was more than happy to answer our questions in full.  Our involvement in oyster surveying with Luca was a great insight into how practical fieldwork is carried out. Furthermore, helping out with the arrival of native young oysters allowed us to learn more about their management and reintroduction into the loch.

We loved being constantly immersed in nature and enjoyed idyllic views from every angle of the estate. The gardens are very biodiverse which was wonderful to be surrounded by. The gardening team maintain and manage them to a very high standard. We were able to fully utilise our time at the estate by making frequent trips up the hills to admire the views and spent a night in the cosy hill bothy, which is kept in great condition thanks to Jess. In our free time we were able to swim at the pier and kayak to Eilean Coltair where we saw the diverse marine life of the loch including seals and jelly fish. The staff gave great recommendations for local food and trips which we greatly appreciated.

Marta and Poppy

Marta Mazurkiewicz, Marine Biology student at Glasgow University

Poppy Baird, zoology student at Glasgow University