The Kilchoan estate is a cultural and educational enterprise. It is focused on ecological restoration, rewilding and preservation of both the marine and terrestrial habitats for the benefit of the people of Argyll and the world. Located on the Degnish peninsula, the estate was purchased by the current owner in 2015 with the aim to manage it as a cultural project in conservation and refuge for those who seek a connection with the natural and spiritual world. Much of the land was reflective of the “traditional land use” practices found in this part of Scotland with extensive upland pasture invaded with bracken, large areas and fragmented patches of semi-natural broadleaved woodland and non-native timber plantations introduced by former owners.


The term re-wilding comes from the idea that conservationists should move beyond trying to protect beauty spots or species and focus on rebuilding ecosystems that could sustain themselves with minimal human interference.

At the Kilchoan estate the term “re-wilding” refers more to ecological restoration, reestablishing the area to its state before human interference. The estate leads different ecological restoration projects at the property such as native tree planting and the removal of invasive and non-native species. The Kilchoan estate is a small part of a much larger movement aiming to allow nature space and time to recover and natural processes to re-start after the intensity of human activity that so much of the planet has been subject to.

The estate is not alone in this project and it is part of a nationwide movement creating a matrix of “wildlands” which act as corridors and connected spaces. With careful consideration, observation and through collaboration with multiple organisations, the actions of the Kilchoan initiative will manage and enrich this beautiful part of Scotland for the benefit of all animals, plants and fungi and of course, mankind.